Aggressive patience, how to lose 10 to 300lbs

  • I first heard the term “aggressive patience” while listening to the MFCEO podcast by Andy Frisella. When he mentioned it, it was about starting a company and making millions. He was simply saying that success isn’t going to come knocking on your door on day one just because you’re motivated and have a good idea. It takes patience, and aggressive action at the same time.

    The same concept applies in our journey from obesity to health. Aggressive Patience.  We MUST be OK with the fact that it takes time, and at the same time aggressively attack our consistency and goals every single day.

    Find the motivation in your small victories, and stay aggressive, daily. We tend to quickly shrug off our victories while holding on to our mistakes, our trip ups, our old ways of thinking.  What we focus on, we become. If we are constantly focused on our failures, we tend to fail more, harder, faster, longer.   However, when we spend time celebrating our victories and focusing on our goals we will be far more successful toward them. Use your small victories as your motivational and inspirational tools to continue to thrive for more. Celebrate every victory every day – every pound lost, every healthy meal, every pause for conscious choice.  Do that happy dance, give yourself a gold star, put another $5 bill into the “new clothes savings fund”, do what you must to positively reward yourself for your job well done.

    Being conscious and present minded during this journey is of highest importance. We’ve spent decades behaving a certain way, decades focusing on our flaws and failures, decades being our own worst enemy rather than our best friend. This behavior tends to creep back in if we’re not consciously choosing another path. Daily, remind yourself of your victories, remind yourself of your unlimited potential, and remind yourself of the Aggressive Patience it takes to get there.

    This journey to health will NEVER happen as fast as you want it to. Never. Because let’s face it, you want to wake up and be at your goals tomorrow morning. The thought of having a commitment scares many of us. The thought that there will be a random week occasionally when the scale doesn’t move frustrates us, but it’ll happen! Trust me, it’ll happen more then you want it to. Aggressive patience, turn those frustrations into fuel. If the scale doesn’t move and you cannot identify a mess up or reason why it didn’t then double down for the next 7 days and work even harder, just for 7 days, I bet that scale will move then! Don’t allow anything to stand in your way. Don’t allow anything to dim your fire. You are in this for the long-haul and regardless of what comes up, what stands in your way, there is a solution and ultimately you are in control of your own results and destiny.

    Do you need to be more aggressively patient in your journey? Have you lost focus because the results aren’t coming as fast as you want them to? Where’s your focus? Is it on negative things or positive ones? Maybe it’s time to re-focus, re-commit and re-dedicate yourself to the long haul. Remember, don’t focus on the mountain, focus on the next step in front of you each day – each choice, each thought, and celebrate each victory.


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  • Mike G 09.17.2017

    Well said, Jeremy. These are definitely words I needed to hear and to process right now.

  • I’m so glad it helps Mike! As challenging as it can be to be patient in a world of instant gratification, we WILL find that the patience and the journey grows us into much more than just a person with a good physique, it creates a strength and confidence that will manifest itself in many other parts of our lives! Thank you so much for reading! If you can think of anyone else in your life that would benefit from reading this, I would appreciate a share. 🙂

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