Coming to grips with your actions in your fat loss journey

  • If you want something bad enough you will do anything to make it happen. It’s no surprise that strong willed, goal oriented people are the most successful in whatever they put their minds to. I would classify myself as one of those people. Whether it’s building a company, changing my physique, chasing dreams, whatever it was I have always given 110%. I don’t half ass anything, I give myself fully to whatever I want to be, do, achieve, accomplish, experience! Rain or shine, sun or snow, sick or not, the work will not do itself. I believe that ANYTHING is possible for anyone that works for it, and I’d like to think my life reflects that. And, here’s the amazingly beautiful truth – your life can be changed too!

    I work with people from around the world. I’ve heard all the well-known, well-worn and consistent excuses.  Excuses about why my client “couldn’t” eat healthy that week, or simply couldn’t make a workout happen in their day. We’ve ALL made excuses, and we’ll make excuses again. We nonchalantly make excuses for why we chose to do one thing but not the other.

    Because I’m a fitness coach for people all around the world, and the perspectives and resulting excuses can be….well, quite funny! I’ve had a client in the mid-west tell me that it was “too cold” to make it to the gym that week, however my client in Alaska made it just fine……it was 20 degrees colder for my client in Alaska…I checked! But for the person in the mid-west it simply wasn’t important enough to deal with the cold to get to the gym while for someone else, it’s simply a situation that must be dealt with to get one day closer to their goals.

    To be truly successful we must live consciously and intentionally – and call out our own excuses. We must be truthful with what is true – always.

    Was I really ‘too busy’ to make it to the gym or did I simply make an excuse for myself today? Was there truly ‘nothing healthy’ on the menu or did I just fail to look past the burger section before making up my mind on what I was having?

    If we start to be honest with ourselves then we can learn from our actions, our little lies, our excuses. Don’t shame yourself for it, but be bold and be honest.  It’s only then that we can truly learn from our mistakes and start to make better decisions going forward. Without conscious living, we would simply order the double bacon burger again next time we are at that same restaurant because hey “they have nothing healthy on the menu” when we can likely find something better for us on the menu if we just looked with a conscious and honest check in with ourselves and stayed centered on our goals.

    I can help you get honest, be truthful and bring yourself to amazing change – not with shame or blame, but with intentionality and understanding your actions more clearly.  Contact me and let’s get honest together – it will change your life.

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