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  • JRF-EFit-Logo-MediumThe JRF E-Fit Guides are downloadable workouts that are sold by the week. Every workout is methodically hand designed by me (Jeremy Reid) to bring you the best workout possible. They are very inexpensive options yet still giving you first class fitness guides that are easy to follow and instructive. You’ll be guided through your workout and know proper form, technique with sets and reps being provided as well. Each guide can be printed and used as a workout log in the gym. Each guide can be purchased online and is available for immediate download

    JRF Muscles 101

    My JRF Muscles 101 program is great for anyone, regardless of your goal or gender! It’s a well rounded weight lifting program that incorporates cardio into the program based on your goals (there is a section in each guide that talks about goals) so regardless of whether you are trying to shed body fat, or bulk up and add solid lean muscle, this can fit for you! This program will require gym access and has videos of every move to show proper form and technique. There are also photos of every move and the guide can be printed and easily taken with you to the gym and used as your workout log. So if you’re ready for a tried and true lifting/cardio program that’s been designed by a leading online fitness coach (me!) then give my JRF Muscles 101 eFit guides a try. You’ll be shocked at how your body can change in just 8 short weeks! In my BETA test of this program, users experienced up to 1300 calories burned per workout and everyone noticed significant changes to their physique including fat loss, increased muscle mass, strength, and stamina.

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