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  • Let’s face it, we all know the holiday season is the time everyone struggles the most. Holiday weight gain is real….but NOT this year! Join me and my team for this 8-week online coaching program that will not only guide you through the holidays but give you the support and accountability you need to get through it! Yes, you’l still be able to enjoy GREAT food on the Holidays, GUILT FREE (it’s part of the plan!)

    Here’s what we’re doing, I hope you’ll join us. 

    • At home OR In-Gym Workouts (videos of every move)
    • Fitness delivered straight to your Phone/Tablet/Computer
    • Custom Nutrition Designed Just for You
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Weekly Coaching/Motivation videos
    • Holiday Meal Planning Recipes & Assistance
    • Weekly New Recipe(s)
    • Meal Prep Videos, Nutrition Videos
    • Weekly Official Weigh-Ins/Check-Ins
    • 7 day/Week Support

    Join me in making this holiday season one of weight-loss, personal growth, and success!

    8-Weeks for only $149 USD

    Looking to pay monthly? $99/month – Click Here

    *Facebook doesn’t allow before/after photos on web pages linked from boosted posts. For lots of my actual clients before and after success photos, please visit my Instagram page @JeremyReidFitness

    Here’s some answers to common questions:

    I live outside the US, can I still join? YES, I have coached people all over the world and this program is open to anyone regardless of location.

    Will I have to buy “weird” or expensive foods? No, everything I recommend you can easily find at your local grocery store and I do NOT require you to buy organic if you do not wish to do so.

    What if I have food allergies or restrictions? I will do my absolute best to accommodate any eating restrictions you may have when designing your nutrition but also include a handy food swap list where you are able to design your own meals within the calories and macro guidelines I prescribe.

    How long will the workouts be? Workouts will range between 30-60+ minutes depending on if you’re doing gym or home workouts. Also the more rest you take in between sets/exercises will unnecessarily lengthen your personal workout. Suggested rest period times will be provided in each workout for you.

    Will I need equipment for the home workouts? I would recommend you have some light to medium dumbbells (or an adjustable set) and at least one resistance band however most of the home exercises will be body weight movements.

    Will I have to take progress photos? I would HIGHLY recommend you do so that you and I can track progress throughout the program, however if you are adamant about not wanting to, you don’t have to. Photos will never get shared or posted by me without your specific approval.


    8-Weeks for only $149 USD

    Looking to pay monthly? $99/month – Click Here

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