JRF Shapeshifter

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    Jeremy Reid’s Newest Female based Fitness & Nutrition Program!

    The Jeremy Reid Fitness Shapeshifter program is the newest addition to the Jeremy Reid Fitness line of package programs designed for females. These programs are all inclusive and designed to give you everything you need to achieve amazing results over the course of the program. The #JRFShapeshifter program is broken out into separate body parts so you can choose to work on only one area and incorporate this training into other activities your’re doing like crossfit, running, etc., or do the full program and see dramatic changes to your entire body.

    Through specific nutrition and training techniques, all test subjects in this program successfully gained lean muscle mass, shaping their body how they desired while simultaneously dramatically dropping their body fat percentage as well.


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    • 12-weeks of weekly workout guides. (new workouts every week)
    • Includes BOTH AT-HOME and IN-GYM versions (*See below for equipment needs)
    • #JRFShapeshifter program guide with 24 pages of detailed information and videos on nutrition, cooking, sample recipes, expected effort and more.
    • Hours of video content!
    • Videos of every move showing proper form and technique
    • Weekly motivation videos at the start of every week
    • Access to exclusive future #JRFShapeshifter content when it’s released
    • Detailed nutrition section included with info on how to manage your own nutrition through the program
    • Optional custom nutrition coaching (additional charge will apply – see below)
    • 100% money back guarantee!**

    JRF Shapeshifter Program FULL – $99.99 Add to Cart

    (new release sale! MSRP $149.95)
    (Includes JRF Shapeshifter Leg & Glute, Arms, Shoulders, Abs, and JRFPlyoCardio programs. Recommended commitment is 4-6 days a week of fitness)


    Add Custom Nutrition & weekly check-ins from Jeremy Reid to any option – $75  Add to Cart

    OR Buy individual guides below:

    JRF Shapeshifter Leg & Glute (2-3 days per week) – $29.99ADD TO CART

    JRF Shapeshifter Arms (1-2 days per week) – $29.99ADD TO CART

    JRF Shapeshifter Shoulders (1-2 days per week) – $29.99 – ADD TO CART

    JRF Shapeshifter Abs (2-4 days per week) – $29.99ADD TO CART

    JRF Shapeshifter PlyoCardio (HIIT Cardio) (up to 6 days a week) – $29.99ADD TO CART


    Total workout times per day range from 30-90 min based on what commitment level you are going with, the program will guide you in deciding and you may mix-match as you go.
    *AT-HOME equipment list: DB’s of varying weights (an adjustable set is handy but not required), Resistance Band(s), Adjustable Bench or Chair
    **In order to qualify for a refund you must (no exceptions) complete the program in its entirety and follow the suggested documentation instructions included in the main program guide which includes documenting weekly progress photos, measurements and weigh-ins. You must also track your nutrition intake and submit it all via email at the completion of the program showing no changes to your physique.