In-Person Coaching

  • In person coaching is an unforgettable, life changing experience where I come to you, in your environment, in your world and we tackle your challenges head on together. Whether your issues are battling with mental struggles or mental/physical roadblocks in your journey like depression, binge eating, emotional distress, etc. or things like decision making when shopping, eating out or meal prep our time together will be real, raw and directly targeting to your journey and your issues. Having me there to connect one-on-one and being transparent about your problems makes our time together extremely productive to work past these barriers and will leave you inspired, educated and driven for your success with a solid plan of action.

    I have coached many from all over the world in person and in EVERY single scenario the experience was life changing and positive. Everyone has their own issues and in my background and education in life coaching, lifestyle management, fitness, nutrition and more tied with my experience of working with thousands of people worldwide I have developed the skills necessary to transform a persons mindset and break them free of problems that they’re having in their journey.

    The cost for in-person coaching varies based on number of days needed, location, and travel costs. In general here are the base requirements:

    • 100% of airfare, hotel and transportation costs while there will be covered by you.
      • Business/First class or “premium economy” airfare from LAX (Los Angeles, CA) preferred, non-stop flights if possible
      • Hilton, Weston, Sheraton, or similar quality hotel room for each night
      • Either you provide transportation to and from airport and during our time together or reimburse for Uber/Taxi fees upon completion of the trip.
    • Minimum 2 day’s of coaching, up to 7 day’s at a $500/day rate

    Payment for the days of coaching being scheduled will be paid up front and also counts as your deposit. Once deposit is made, a phone call will be scheduled where we will spend some time talking about you and the items you’re struggling with and what you’re looking to get out of our time together. I then take that information and design an outline for our time together. The outline is simply a guide to keep us on track and focused on being as productive as possible but we also have the freedom to “go with the flow” and allow our time together and my coaching with you to blossom into whatever is creating the most positive change for you.

    If you’re interested in scheduling our time together or have any questions please email me: