JRF Leg & Glute Program

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    The Jeremy Reid Fitness Leg & Glute program is an easy to follow all in one 12-week package system that will guide you through an intense 12 weeks worth of specific workouts in the gym*** to produce amazing results. This is NOT a crash diet, unhealthy, unrealistic program, just SOLID nutrition and lots of hard work. The JRF Leg & Glute program comes with a day-by-day workout guide that shows you specifically what movements to do, reps and sets to follow and also comes with  images and links to online videos demonstrating every movement you will be doing so you not only understand the movement but know proper form and technique as well.

    The detailed nutrition guide will show you how to figure out your own nutrition needs for this program and how to adjust your own nutrition along the way. With the custom nutrition add-on your nutrition will be done by me (Jeremy Reid) and then adjusted as needed along the way through check-ins on each week of the program to make sure you are maximizing your results.

    This program includes:

    • Download E-Book Version which has links to videos showing ALL moves in the program to demonstrate proper form and technique. E-book will be available for download immediately after payment.

    ** Custom nutrition services will be scheduled after purchase. If you do order the version with custom nutrition just sit tight, you will be contacted via email with instructions on how to get that started within 1 business day of purchase.

    *** A “full” gym membership is needed for this program. Although some alternate “equipment-free” movements will be specified in the event your gym does not have some of the equipment listed, for “optimal” results you will want all the equipment listed here to be available to you and should be in any standard full gym. Equipment used in this program: At least 1 barbell or smith machine with weights, Dumbbells, Leg Press Machine, Leg-Extension machine, Leg-Curl Machine, preacher curl machine (or other bicep machine), Cable machine with the ability to adjust the height of the cable, and at least 1 bench that can incline and lay flat (or 2 separate benches ‘flat’ & ‘incline’). If “fat loss” is also your goal from this program, at least 1 piece of cardio equipment is recommended preferably a step-mill or stair-stepper machine.



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