Realigning With Your Weight-Loss Goals

  • The best way to be focused on your goals is to never lose sight of them.

    You must live in your goal mindset and attitudes. Keeping your goals in front of you, alive goals, will drive the decisions you make in your day. As you do this the thoughts that come across your mind and that you’re in touch with, will completely transform your actions – with focus on what is important.

    Was there ever a time where you were driven to do something? No matter how big or small the goal, (cleaning out the garage, getting that last payment made, making that great meal, finally calling that friend) think of anything, anything at all that you were really motivated and inspired to do or get done. You most likely kept that goal in front of you to get it done.  When you’re driven and goal focused you will make the effort for completion! Many times, it doesn’t even feel like effort because there’s an energy, an awareness, an aliveness, and reward in going after the things we want or want to get done.

    However, inevitably in all our journeys we will hit a period where we drop the ball. We let our guard down, we lose focus of the alive goal.  We let the reason, or the driver of our focus get behind us and lose sight of why we were doing this in the first place.

    Loss of focus happens for many reasons.  Life Happens!  What matters is that we get ourselves back to a place of desire for something more. The whole reason you started the journey in the first place was a desire for a better life, a more secure, confident, able life.  Along the way – maybe even after partial success – we release ourselves, we get a complacent, maybe something traumatic or heavy happened and we shift our focus and priorities. We stray, and after we’ve strayed for a while it seems impossible to regain momentum to start again – but it’s easier than you think. We simply need repeat the process that got you started in the first place. In most cases your desires haven’t changed, your goals haven’t changed, you just simply didn’t make them a priority anymore.

    So how do we fix this? How do we get re-aligned with our goals? It starts with re-evaluating your life and setting priorities. Take a step back and ask…..   Where do I spend my time? Where do I put my energy?  What is important? We live in an era where we’re expected to fill our time with “productive” things so we may look at our life and say, “well I just don’t have the time anymore”.  We are ALL busy.  That is an excuse statement and you need to get real with yourself. You DO have the time.  Answer the questions and slowly, step by step change your priorities – like TV, social media, people that drain you, tasks you no longer enjoy, work, even sleep if needed! Remove all excuses, the barriers, the old habits, and look at your life, your behaviors. Take a moment to write down your goals, rethink them. What do you want? How do you want to look? How do you want to feel? Visualize it, see it, feel it. Document it all. This simple reminder and inward reflection is all we need to get re-focused. This doesn’t have to take a great deal of time – 20 or 30 minutes to do this!

    As an online coach, I’ve seen it happen time and time again, once you gain that focus, that desire, the prioritization of time usually changes and amazing things happen.

    Focus more on the reasons why you want it and less about how you’ll fit it in or make it happen, those items will come once you desire it.

    Today is your day, you deserve to have the life and physique of your dreams. It’s right there, waiting on you.

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