Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Coaching My full-service online fitness and nutrition coaching is your fastest and easiest way to reach your fitness or physique/health goals. You will work one-on-one with me via email, phone, videos, text-message, etc. We work together to determine your short and long-term goals and then I put together a custom nutrition and fitness plan to meet those goals as quickly (yet as healthy) as possible. With my weekly/bi-weekly plans you will know exactly what and when to eat and exactly what and how to workout in order to maximize your goals. All fitness guides include video demos of moves so you know proper form and technique. All nutrition guides will tell you exactly what to eat, down to the gram! We will work together to track progress and I will be there to tweak your plans as needed to make sure you are seeing the best results possible. No matter if it’s extreme weight loss, marathon training, bodybuilding or simply just bikini season I have the experience and knowledge to get you there, along with world class motivation and support.

Online Nutrition Only Services

nutrition In some special circumstances people are only interested in nutrition or fitness coaching but not both. I offer this as well. These plans are less expensive than my full service training but only provide 1/2 the competent to get to your goals, either the nutrition or the fitness. These plans can be great for athletes that already work with specific trainers, or people in specific sports that just need the half of my services to get them to their goals or provide the best performance possible. The same one-on-one treatment is offered and detailed guides and plans are still provided.

In-Person Coaching

In person coaching is an unforgettable, life changing experience where I come to you, in your environment, in your world and we tackle your challenges head on together. Whether your issues are battling with mental struggles or mental/physical roadblocks in your journey like depression, binge eating, emotional distress, etc. or things like decision making when shopping, eating out or meal prep our time together will be real, raw and directly targeting to your journey and your issues. Having me there to connect one-on-one and being transparent about your problems makes our time together extremely productive to work past these barriers and will leave you inspired, educated and driven for your success with a solid plan of action.

Phone/Skype Consultations

PhoneIcon Phone consultations are a great way for people who have fitness, nutrition or supplement questions to get them answered in one sitting. Regular fitness and nutrition coaching clients get weekly phone consultations included in their plan so these paid phone consultations for for non-clients or clients that desire much more time than allotted. Phone consultations must be paid for in advance and then a specific time scheduled. Skype/Apple Face time video calls are available as well as standard phone calls.

Packaged Programs

These all-in-one plans are GREAT for people who want a simple, easy to follow plan that ALSO provides extreme results. These all-in-one plans will guide you through the program to reach your goals and ties in both nutrition and fitness so that you have all the tools needed to get to where you want to be! These plans are also customization so that you can purchase just the plan and add on personalized custom nutrition as well which can get you even more results out of the 8-16 week programs. Please check back soon for more details and pre-sale discounts!

Workshops & Seminars

I have had the pleasure of doing group and corporate seminars as well as motivational speaking. I can customize a workshop or seminar for any size group and leave you informed, motivated and with a plan of action in place. I also have plans that include post-engagement followups with your group and customize group or corporate fitness, nutrition and wellness plans from there. With a personal background in obesity, food and other addictions, my talents for motivating and teaching span well beyond simply fitness and nutrition.