Nutrition Only Coaching

  • Nutrition Only Online Coaching

    In some special circumstances people are only interested in nutrition coaching only. This is great for people that have their own handle on fitness, participate in something like Crossfit or DVD workouts or anyone interested in finally getting their nutrition in-line in a sustainable life changing way. This isn’t a “diet” because that is something that’s temporary. My coaching will teach you how to eat toward your goals so if you want to lose fat, you will with me, if you want to gain muscle, you will with me and I’ll teach you how to keep it up so that you finally have control over food rather than food controlling you.

    We will start out with a phone or video call so that I can get to know you, your history and your goals. We’ll discuss a LOT on the phone so have a pen and paper handy. I will then take that info and design you a custom nutrition plan that is tailored just to you. You’ll have full access to me via email and text message along the way so that I can celebrate the victories and be there with you in the struggles, teaching you how to handle any and every situation regarding food and your relationship with it along the way. You will have official weekly emailed check-ins so that you and I can track and monitor your progress where I will make adjustments to dial in your nutrition as you go. You will also be given the first 6-weeks of my “JRF Mental Power” program to go through as you go. This program will not only grow your knowledge of nutrition but make you mentally equipped to tackle nearly anything you are up against as well as the power of setting goals.

    Priced as (USD, one time payment *see below for more details):

    3-month Program


    I am 100% confident I can get you to your goals, I look forward to hearing from you.


    *All prices listed are charged in a single transaction before service starts. No refunds will be issued even if you decide to stop following my suggested services.