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  • Full Service Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

    • Weekly(or 2x/week for Platinum) phone/Skype one-on-one coaching calls
    • Detailed custom nutrition plan (unlimited changes as we go along)
    • Detailed custom daily workouts (with video examples of moves)
    • Access to my state of the art fitness app
    • Unlimited access to me via text and email
    • “Meal Prep Inspire” Nutritional Video Series
    • New recipe(s) every week
    • We set goals together
    • We track progress together
    • Personalized Videos
    • Client Exclusive Content
    • and more…


    Full Service

    Full Service

    Platinum Service

    $250 USD
    per month
    $625 USD
    *one time payment
    $1250 USD
    *one time payment




    You will be contacted within 1-business day after payment is received.

    To give you an example of how it works, when we start we’ll schedule a time ASAP when you and I can talk on the phone. It will last about 40-60 minutes and I will have you get me up to date on what your current food intake and activity level looks like, any food issues that need to be discussed, any limitations or habits that are holding you back and more. We’ll set some goals together and then I’ll answer any questions you have. Based on your needs I’ll then create your custom coaching plan that is specific to you. These are not cookie cutter plans. They are tailored specifically for you. We will schedule 1-hour coaching sessions once a week (twice for platinum) where you and I will talk about your challenges, limiting beliefs, habits, lifestyle and more and work on the mental aspect of this journey. You will have goals for the week to accomplish that are directly in line with your end desires.I am then available at your disposal via text or email throughout the week. My certifications in strategic intervention, life coaching, personal training and nutrition along with years of experience working with people all over the world has equipped me to handle nearly any and every situation that might arise and quickly overcome it leaving you with purpose and a solid, clear vision for how to move forward each and every coaching session. I don’t promote “fad diets” or quick fixes, I promote healthy lifestyles that bring consistent and amazing results. I am 100% confident I can get you to your goals, I look forward to working with you. *All prices listed are charged in USD and in a single transaction before service starts. No refunds will be issued even if you voluntarily decide to stop following my suggested services. 

    Still have questions? Feel free to contact me.


    10515714_10204321078928715_2094500204_o“I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 8 years old. On February 14, 2012, I decided that this was not how I wanted my story to end. I was 33 years old and at 426 pounds I decided to make a change. In about a year and I half I was able to lose nearly 200 pounds, and I had the pleasure to work with Jeremy Reid for several months during this portion of my weight loss. Jeremy helped me get my weight loss going again and got me to my lowest weight of 237 pounds. We were working towards a fitness expo and I wanted to be leanest I had ever been. Looking back at my pictures, I can say that we accomplished that for sure. Jeremy is an awesome trainer. He’s been where most morbidly obese people have been and can relate to a lot of their struggles. Several times I would reach out during a moment of weakness and Jeremy had a sincere word of encouragement for me. His transformation alone is incredibly motivating and inspiring and working with him was awesome. I even got to visit him and cheer him on at a powerlifting meet which was just awe inspiring to say the least. What makes Jeremy different than other trainers I’ve worked with is his experience as an obese person. He knows the mental battles and the social struggles that we go through.”

    – Rick W. (Oklahoma City, OK)

    “Before I hired Jeremy I was doing everything “right”; I was eating clean, lifting, doing cardio… and had plateau’d. After losing over 100lbs on my own, I knew I had to be doing something wrong and needed the guidance of a professional. I found Jeremy and immediately felt that he was perfect; he understood my journey because he walked this walk on his own as well. He understood the frustrations of a plateau because he had hit (and subsequently broken through) plateaus on his journey. Our first conversation on the phone was amazing; it was like we were old friends getting reacquainted. He sent me my new program a few days later and I got to work right away. I immediately saw results. Plateau?? What plateau?!?! Not only did I break through the plateau, but I started seeing phenomenal progress, and it wasn’t long before everyone else started noticing too. My physique has improved beyond my wildest dreams. My workouts are intense and immensely enjoyable. And the best part?! The nutrition plan is so simple to follow. It doesn’t get much better than that. I don’t know where I would be without Jeremy, but I know it wouldn’t be where I am today. I can’t wait to see where I am one year from now!”

    – Joy K. (CA, USA)

    10170959_426316967505618_391504690_n“Jeremy has been amazing to work with. He is very talented and has done his research to be able to provide his clients with the most personal and doable plan while also still kicking booty. His very down to earth, easy going personality and real life stories make him relatable to most everyone in some shape or form. He motivates by positivity and excitement and forever changes people’s lives!”

    – Crystal M. (Washington, USA)

    “I cannot thank Jeremy enough for the tools and the motivation he has given me! At first, I wanted a physical change. I wanted to be able to wear shorts without being embarrassed of my thighs. I wanted to get rid of the fat that hung over my jeans. Those were the changes I wanted to see. And see them I have! But, as I approach my second month under Jeremy’s wing, I see other changes as well- changes I hadn’t initially expected. I am not exaggerating when I say that I am a different person than I was two months ago. I see myself differently. I feel stronger, in every sense of the word. I feel empowered. The workouts are hard. But being unhappy with yourself is even harder. The work that I have put in, and the dedication that Jeremy has to his clients, means the world to me now. Jeremy is my coach AND my teammate. He is always easy to reach and always wanting to help you reach your goals. I cannot encourage you enough to enlist his help- if YOU really want to change, YOU have to put in the work. Jeremy will give you the know-how and the support. He will be with you every step of the way. He is, without a doubt, the best person I can think of to help you in your journey.”

    – Jessica W. (Ohio, USA)

    “I’ve always been active and eaten pretty healthy (I’ve even run two marathons, and quite a few half-marathons), but I have never had results anywhere close to what I’m getting working with Jeremy. I’ve never had a trainer before in my life, and now that I’ve had Jeremy, I wonder why in the world I haven’t! I need the accountability, and even though I thought that I knew what I was supposed to be doing, I really didn’t. People have asked me if I like an online trainer better than having one at my gym, and I always tell them it’s better. I get so much more information, and I love that I’ve been given the right tools to do it on my own. I don’t have to work around someone else’s schedule, and I have such confidence with everything Jeremy has taught me. I tell everyone I know that they need Jeremy in their lives!!”

    – Sarah K. (Utah, USA)

    “My experience with Jeremy has been awesome. The workout plan he provided was challenging but he provides the support that makes it completely do-able. Combined with his custom nutrition plan I have made huge health improvements! Ultimately I have completely changed my life in the 8 weeks I have been working with him- I am amazed at my results!”

    – Amanda R. (Colorado, USA)