The 100/100 rule in massive weight loss

  • We’ve all seen the memes or heard from one of the 5 million online fitness “coaches” out there that a “great physique” is 30% fitness, 70% nutrition (or some other combination of percentages).

    I call BS. I call TOTAL BS. I’ve personally taken on many clients over the years who worked out at the frequency and intensity of an Olympic athlete and were still overweight because their diet was off. Vice versa I have worked with clients who ate incredibly close to the macros and calories I prescribed but still were not getting to their goals because their physical effort was lacking. Sure, a small amount of progress in either direction can be seen from being “all-in” in either the fitness or the nutrition side of the game but here is the “secret”. Here is the truth that everyone is searching for:

    It’s 100% nutrition AND 100% fitness to achieve goals you desire for overall health and that image you visualize for your physique.

    I wish I could tell you there is a short cut, that you could skimp from one area and not the other – but it’s just not the case. There are no shortcuts.  I have an overwhelming amount of real life examples to prove it. We MUST be 100% dedicated in the two main areas of improvement to see the changes that we all have as our “goal Physique”.  Think about it, if Michael Phelps ate incredibly well and to his goals but he never dipped his toes in the pool would he be one of the most decorated Olympians in history? NO! Likewise, if he swam for hours and hours a day but didn’t eat to his goals would he progress as needed? No again!

    We must come to the realization that our long-term results are a combination of what we ingest, and how we move our body. You must do both – 100% and 100%.

    On episode 3 of my Conquer Your Mountain podcast I spoke with Emily Uhl who shed 140 lbs. from weight loss surgery. Her results were 100% from a reduction in what she was feeding herself but even on the show she admitted her physique was nowhere near what she desired because now she had lost the fat but didn’t have the strength or muscle definition she dreamt of. She’s now on my JRF Shapeshifter program to rectify the situation and is making great strides – but the example still shines clear, even with the reduction of food intake, she must move her body also!

    On the flip side I have a client from Arkansas who works out HARD six days a week but was highly undereating for her goals. She saw zero result for many months before coming to me. It wasn’t until I started guiding her into feeding her body correctly that she saw the results she desired. It’s not about being all-in on one aspect of this journey. The “true” results come when we can dedicate ourselves to the tasks that are needed in both the nutrition AND the physical side of the journey.

    Sometimes we need to master one before we move onto the other. I get that, but I would also recommend that wherever our focus is in our journey that we don’t completely neglect the other side.

    A short walk or a healthy meal could be the start of a new direction that could wildly dictate your results. I KNOW results and I know that with the right combination of both diet and nutrition, results can be seen by ANYONE. Let’s talk about your 100% – 100% for you, and how I can help you make that happen – Click to contact me.

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