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  • Losing the last 10-15lbs for life has never been easier!

    Final10-Logo-smallThe JRF Final 10 eBook includes a wealth of knowledge to it’s reader, giving you a guided game plan for taking your physique to the next level! Through proper nutrition and fitness techniques this solution will assist in helping you determine your individual proper nutrition, macros and nutrient timing along with strategic fitness techniques to get you where you want to be! It also helps you create attainable goals and guides you through documenting them and setting expectations before you begin. Included in the book is over 30min of videos (links to private youtube videos specifically created for this book only) to take the information in this book another step further and motivation to get you there.

    The last 10-15lbs of fat can be the hardest to lose and the key’s to your success are all inside this solution. You won’t find unrealistic diet techniques, hours of cardio, secret pills or wraps, no, those are band-aid solutions that will make over 90% of their users rebound! The techniques in this book are sustainable, healthy and realistic so that you lose those last 10-15lbs effectively and KEEP IT OFF for life!

    Do what are you waiting for, it’s available for immediate download!

    JRF Final 10 eBook – $24.99

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