Package Programs

Welcome, I have put together some great pre-packaged programs for you. These are complete programs giving you everything you need for success. Each program comes with a comprehensive nutrition eBook that tailors your nutrition specifically for that program and has complete, easy to follow daily workouts. These programs take the guess work out of fitness and getting you to your goals!


JRF Shapeshifter Program

JRF Shapeshifter program is the newest addition to the Jeremy Reid Fitness line of package programs designed for females. The #JRFShapeshifter program is broken out into separate body parts so you can choose to work on only one area and incorporate this training into other activities your’re doing like crossfit, running, etc., or do the full program and see dramatic changes to your entire body. Through specific nutrition and training techniques users in this program successfully gain lean muscle mass, shaping their body how they desire while simultaneously dramatically dropping their body fat percentage. – Purchase online/more info…

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JRF Leg & Glute Program

Leg-&-Glute-Program This is a fantastic full body “in-gym” lifting program  that incorporates heavy lifting and puts extra emphasis on your legs. This program is perfect for men and women alike and offers 12-weeks of fitness plans and motivational videos for you. Each day lists the exercises you’ll be doing, has online videos of moves to show you proper form and technique and specifies the number of sets and reps to shoot for as well. This program has proven fantastic for anyone looking to shape and mold their body and reduce body fat in the process. The JRF Leg & Glute program can be purchased right here and is available for immediate download. – Purchase online/more info…

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JRF HomeTrim8 Program

HT8-Logo-small The JRF HomeTrim8 program is a “at-home” 8-week fitness program that is equipment free and provides you with 5 days/week of high intensity bodyweight movements for shaping your physique and greatly reducing body fat. Many of my users of this program saw a reduction of over 20+ lbs of body fat in the short 8 weeks and completely transformed their physique all without stepping foot in a gym and in the privacy of their own home. Like all my programs each move comes with an online video demonstrating it for you and the guide is quick and easy to follow. The JRF HomeTrim8 program is a fantastic option for those that prefer to skip the gyms and workout at home. The JRF HomeTrim 8 program can be purchased online and is available for immediate download. Purchase online/more info…

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JRF E-Fit Guides

JRF-EFit-Logo-Medium The JRF E-Fit Guides are downloadable workouts that are sold by the week. Every workout is methodically hand designed by me (Jeremy Reid) to bring you the best workout possible. They are very inexpensive options yet still giving you first class fitness guides that are easy to follow and instructive. You’ll be guided through your workout and know proper form, technique with sets and reps being provided as well. Each guide can be printed and used as a workout log in the gym. Each guide can be purchased online and is available for immediate download. Purchase online/more info…