The Lesson in Massive Weight Loss that I Wish Someone Had Taught Me

  • I need to confess, I’m a big “thinker”. It’s been my biggest asset yet at the same time my heaviest anchor. Now, over a decade in this journey of weight loss, physique, health, fitness (I don’t even know what to call it anymore), because of my “big thinking” I tend to think outside the “now”, outside the average day to day emotions that have resulted in significant physical and emotional transformations.

    Many of us fall into a rut, a pattern of thought, of living where we feel like something out there in the world will solve your problems. Perhaps it is the next pill, or wrap, tea, or powder that will amazingly rid your weight and change your physique. Maybe there’ll be a medicine or treatment that allows you to continue to live the way you live (to be comfortable) but won’t have the repercussions for how you live. Perhaps you think it is a person out there that would bring you the happiness you are desiring. In my “big thinking” journey and retrospection I see now it was merely relief, peace, distraction that I was desiring and seeking.

    I also wished for that magic pill, system, person or thing that would make things change. I spent a period of 4 years in my journey learning the lesson I want to teach you in a 5-minute read of this blog. I had lost a lot of weight but was teetering back and forth with old habits and new. I’d workout but then go eat a large pizza. I’d do cardio but then drink an entire bottle of booze. I see so many people stuck at this point in their journey, constantly being derailed, pulled back or pushing the self-destruct button. The lesson boils down to one thing. EMBRACING REALITY. Be “real” with yourself. Stop the excuses, the lies you make for your actions – see yourself but more importantly your actions for what they truly are. No shame, no self-contempt – just truth. It sounds simple, but you know it’s not.

    Embrace this… there is NO pill, no wrap will wipe away last Friday’s habits, no tea will take away the shame, guilt and pain, no person to rescue, to amazing no effort exercise equipment despite the dozens of Instagram models that are trying to sell it to you, it doesn’t exist. When you wipe away the excuses, when you remove the false hopes in some quick fix, when you look at yourself with no other person or product to blame, you see the light, the truth, the reality. It’s raw, it’s ugly yet beautiful, it is courageous, it is hard, but it is true. The truth gives you the option to take responsibility for you and you alone.

    There’s a power in this act of taking responsibility. You got yourself here, and only you can get yourself out. This is the reality I’m talking about. Reality only truly comes when we release our fears, set aside our excuses and start to focus on what we desire rather than where everything went wrong. We are what we focus on. If you focus on failure, you will constantly be identifying it. If you focus on your weakness, you will constantly be the weakest person in the room. If you focus on abuse you will constantly be in that. I would like to suggest that you do a complete 180 and start to focus on your strengths, your potential, your desires.

    Start to live more conscious and present with your internal dialog. When you’re triggered, when cravings or temptations kick in, stop for 60 seconds and answer these questions:
    1. What is it that my heart really wants? (hint: It’s not food, your heart wants recognition and truthful admission of feelings)
    2. Will this temptation or desire truly give me what I want or is it merely a distraction?
    3. If I give into this temptation will it ultimately get me closer or further away from my end goal(s)?

    These steps/questions look simple. They are not. The are only for the courageous, because truth takes courage.

    If you’re being real, if you’re being present and honest the answers to the above questions will give you the insight you need to make better decisions. Then, it’s up to you to take positive action from your clear reality check. These steps do not create instant success, so don’t try it once and then say you can’t do it or it doesn’t work. You must continually learn from your behaviors and adjust going forward.

    You deserve to live the life you always wanted, regardless of past actions. You only have one life to live, take action to shape and form the life you want. It takes time, it takes honing, it takes introspection, time, behavioral awareness, emotional awareness, not just will.

    If you’re ready to start your journey or are looking for guidance that will fast track you to an honest REALITY CHECK, let’s get started working together! – Contact me.

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