The thing that made me get fat

  • In a typical new client call I will ask them to give me a short overview of their health and fitness history. This segment of my intake is usually the longest part of the conversation, and it’s eerie how similar many of these phone calls sound alike. Each client has either struggled with weight their whole life, or were “athletic” at one point. However, the real weight gain didn’t start until a certain “event” in their lives popped up. Divorce, a bad relationship, death in the family, lost a job, pregnancy, an unexpected bad news phone call. You can name the event and usually we can track that their weight gain or fitness death spiral happened. Very rarely will I ever have a client tell me a short story and then say they simply made bad decisions. That they chose to take their emotions out on food. That their outcome was a result of their own actions. It’s not the divorces fault you got fat, it was because you didn’t find an alternative method for getting those emotions out and you ate yourself many pounds heavier. That’s the harsh reality and the sooner we can come to grips with the fact that our actions are our own and not forced upon us, the sooner we’ll be able to make progress moving forward.

    “It” or “they” or “that event” made me get fat. I’ve experienced this dynamic first hand. For many years I blamed the stress of my life on my actions. I never took accountability which only allowed me to continue to behave that way. If the madness that was in my life at that time hadn’t been there then I wouldn’t HAVE to eat that XL pizza several times a week (ya right!). It was someone else’s fault and I was the victim. I honestly believed that for a long time, and my own victim stance packed on over 100lbs of fat gain – simply because I was unwilling to take responsibility for my actions by living consciously and present with my emotions.

    There is a way out, there is an amazing mental shift that can happen. Once your eyes are opened and you truly come to grips with your actions, you will then be able to analyze your behavior and judge for yourself whether those behaviors are needed in your life or not. Odds are once you see these are self-inflicted wounds and the coping, numbing or victim behaviors, you won’t desire to do them nearly as often. The power is in your hands now, and it has nothing to do with whether you can change, but whether you will take responsibility and change.

    If you need help changing. If you need assistance finding the path, it’s what I’m best at, let me help. You don’t have to do it alone! – Contact Me

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