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    I get 8,000 emails a day from people who explain in detail how they used to be so “on fire” for their wellness journey. It’s funny because I can now practically tell what an email is going to be about within the first two sentences, anyway… point being here is that people “losing their motivation to get in shape” is not a new thing and you are certainly not alone.

    mo·ti·va·tion noun 1. The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

    My opinion in every single case is that people lose their motivation for their journey because they’re no longer in-tune for why they’re doing it. Or in some cases they were never in-tune right? When we start something glamorous we have on temporary blinders. We don’t stop to even question why we’re doing something, what is the reasoning for it and what are we hoping to get out of it? Trust me EVERYONE “want’s” to lose weight, everyone “wants” to be lean, worldly attractive and able-bodied. The question to ask is why do YOU want those things?

    I’ve had numerous recently divorced men and women come to me for coaching. The motivation is always the same. You know, they’re newly single, ready to feel young and free again and more importantly for their temporary motivation, want to post a sexy pic on Instagram looking better than they ever did with their Ex just to make them jealous. What many of these people find out is that we can only hold onto will-power for so long when our reasons are not personal. Making someone else jealous isn’t personal enough for us to change our lives and behaviors, at least that’s what the statistics tell me. We lose our motivation when our will-power runs short and we no longer care so much about making the Ex jealous.

    Our reasoning for self improvement must be personal, something that will directly benefit us or our efforts will suffer and our motivation will fade.

    So, bottom line, why did you lose your motivation? Because you were/are not in-tune with why you’re truly doing it, or the reasons for your change were not personal enough. The glimmer of hope in all this is that we can learn from our experiences and this time, we WILL get in-tune with why we’re doing this.

    My suggestion to you is to get away, even if it’s for a day. If you have kids or dogs, call in your favors and have someone watch them for 24-48 hours. Get away. Somewhere remote, somewhere quiet, somewhere you can be alone and with yourself. Get to know yourself, who you are right now in your life, good AND bad. Determine what it is that you want. Journal, take notes, make video blogs, but most importantly find yourself and what it is you want from this. That can recharge your batteries for motivation and once identified, that desire for what you want can be a great focus point for the next leg of your journey.

    Your partner in health,
    -Jeremy Reid

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