Your Progress vs. Others in your fat loss journey

  • I’ve been doing online transformative coaching for many years now. Every so often I will have a client who is frustrated with their progress. Do they experience progress?  Yes.  Every single client I have coached has seen progress.  However, their frustration increases when they have recently browsed social media or have run into an acquaintance who has lost a tremendous amount of weight. At that moment, they start to compare their own progress with others, that’s always a dangerous thing to do.

    “My friend Joan has lost 60lbs in 2-months and here I’ve only lost 20lbs!”

    We all feel that more is better in this journey. “If only I could get this weight off as fast as possible, then I could REALLY live”. What we don’t see in this quick fix scenario is that 6 months or 2 years from now that amazing person, with amazing weight loss has gained their weight back. Most weight loss efforts (even ones that appear successful for some time) will fail in the longer term.  Does it change your opinion of that impressive 12-week before and after photo if you kept in mind that the faster you lose the weight, the higher chance you have for gaining the weight back?

    What most people don’t realize is that it takes MUCH more than just focusing for 12, 24, 36 weeks and relying on will-power to truly transform your life, for life. All of us that have been morbidly obese got that way not because we forgot to go to the gym for a couple weeks but because we have some horrible habits and a poor relationship with food. Will-power won’t last for the rest of your life, so I choose to work on the reasons behind the obesity with my clients rather than just having them stay strong while ignoring the culprit for the obesity. This process does take longer than starving yourself, but my clients ongoing, sustainable results speaks volumes for the effectiveness in this style of coaching.

    I challenge you to stop comparing yourself to others. I challenge you to focus, truly focus on your own life, your own habits, your own journey. Be happy for “Joan” and her massively fast weight loss, but also be willing to be there for her a year from now when she’s gained it all back because her self-awareness isn’t where yours is.

    Your journey is YOUR journey. Their journey is theirs. Make sure that every ounce of effort you put into yours is steering you in the direction of sustainability and lifelong progress. You’re worth the effort and the aggressive-patience to get there.

    If you are ready, to truly dive deep in your life and make life altering changes to your behaviors and habits that will catapult your progress to fast tracked results, contact us, this is what we do, we do it at a mastery level.

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